HR and payment

  1. Complex operation of employment contracts and civil-law agreements (contracts of mandate, of specific work, manager contracts)
  2. Calculation of remuneration in accordance to mandatory legal provisions and terms and conditions of payments
  3. Preparation and provision of information devoted to employees, regarding height of remuneration, collected social security taxes and advance personal income tax payment (so called payslips and RMUA reports),
  4. Preparation and submission of ZUS DRA declarations to the Social Insurance Institution together with name reports,
  5. Registration of the Client's employees in the Social Insurance Institution (Documents like ZUS ZUA, ZUS ZIUA, ZUS ZWUA and others),
  6. Preparation of annual information on income for employees (PIT-11, PIT-8B) or annual settlements of the tax (PIT-40)
  7. Issuing certificates on employment and remuneration,

Additional services:

  1. Keeping employees' personal files
  2. Keeping and complementing HR documentation
  3. Preparing documentation necessary to establish employment, change of employment's conditions and of other, required by regulation of the Labor Code
  4. Informing on a necessity to renew medical examinations, OHS trainings, etc. in relation to expiration of their validity,
  5. Determination of holiday leaves and records of their use
  6. Collection of documentation relating to employees' absences (holiday leave applications, medical certificates and other documents that justify absences),
  7. Reporting for the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Handicapped People and Office for Statistics in the scope regarding HR data