We provide counseling services that aim at systematization of companies' actions in such a manner so they achieve required results with optimum exploitation of financial, human, material and informational resources. While trying to fulfill informational needs of our clients, we have developed a system of reporting, thanks to which the Client may monitor the financial condition of his company in any given time or place, and control budgeting of costs and incomes through information on the degree, to which the assumed plan has been completed in the enterprise.

The scope of services encompasses:

  1. Preparation of strategy of the company development, sources of financing, financial optimization
  2. Preparation of a business plan and studies of execution
  3. Adjustment of the plan of accounts to the needs of managerial accountancy
  4. Preparation of financial reports for the Management Board
  5. Analysis and financial prognoses, control over financial liquidity of the company
  6. Control of income-cost centers, analysis of effectivenes and deviations