Accountancy services

Basic scope:

  1. Keeping accountancy books and tax registers
  2. Preparing annual and periodic financial reports in accordance with the Act on Accountancy and with International Financial Reporting Standards
  3. Preparing tax returns
  4. Keeping records of fixed assets and of non-material and legal values
  5. Preparing an application for a certificate on no arrears in the Social Insurance Institution and taxes in the Tax Office
  6. Data update forms to the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution
  7. Representing a Client before tax bodies (in the scope of a current accounting matters)
  8. Counseling from the scope of tax and balance law,

Additional services:

  1. Preparing reports for internal needs of a company"
    • reports of internal control
    • reports for the needs of management accountancy
    • consolidation packages
    • others according to agreed patterns
  2. Keeping accountancy books in the client's premises
  3. A possibility to operate sales (invoicing)
  4. Settlement of bill and tax arrears and control over books
  5. Supervision over books kept by Clients
  6. Development of accountancy principles (policies), terms and regulations, instructions of accounting documents circulation
  7. Transformation of financial reports prepared in accordance to Polish law into financial report prepared in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards
  8. Preparation of units for developing reports in accordance to International Financial Reporting Standards
  9. Counseling in the scope of tax and balance law (within the scope of period that is not covered by a contract)
  10. Counseling, preparing and submitting applications for adequate bodies, on issuing a written interpretation relating to the scope and manner of applying regulations
  11. Representing clients before tax bodies during control (within the scope of the period that is not covered by a contract)
  12. Data update and changes forms for Agricultural Social Security Fund, Office for Statistics